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There is a new neurotoxin on the block called Jeaveau and also referred to as “Newtox”. We are excited to be among the first practices in Hawaii to offer this new alternative to Botox and Dysport.

Wrinkles between the brows can develop as early as a patient’s twenties and—at a certain point—can remain fixed in the skin. This telltale sign of aging can convey negative emotions when you don’t realize it. As a result, you may unintentionally communicate the message that you’re constantly angry, stressed, or tired. If vertical creases appear between your brows even while the face is at rest, Jeuveau may be able to provide an incredibly powerful and effective solution to smooth these pesky worry lines. Jeuveau is a groundbreaking facial rejuvenation injectable specially designed to smooth moderate to severe frown lines for a happier, more relaxed, and youthful appearance.

What is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau by Evolus® is a wrinkle-relaxing injectable treatment for frown lines, and the first aesthetic-only neurotoxin FDA-approved solely for cosmetic purposes. With similar properties to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Jeuveau is designed to temporarily prevent overuse of the facial muscles that cause expression lines to develop. In fact, many patients and doctors consider Jeuveau “the next generation of BOTOX® Cosmetic” due to its ability to treat deeper frown lines than any of its predecessors.

What Sets Jeuveau Apart From Other Injectables?

Jeuveau is a muscle- and wrinkle-relaxer that has been recreated, not repurposed. It is a custom solution to a modern problem. Unlike other anti-aging injectables, Jeuveau is produced with Hi-PureTM technology—this means that the chemical composition is formulated in a new state-of-the-art facility under strict standards of testing and manufacture, speaking to the quality and effectiveness of Jeuveau. Treatment can offer the following benefits for individuals struggling to erase their glabellar lines:

  • Ability to smooth very deep or severe wrinkles
  • Short treatment with no downtime required
  • Performed in-office at Miller Cosmetic Surgery
  • Results that were comparable or superior to BOTOX® Cosmetic in clinical trials

Dr. Thomas G. Crabtree would be happy to help you determine whether Jeuveau is the best treatment choice to erase your frown lines. If not, we offer several other wrinkle-removing injectables and dermal fillers to smooth your skin and refresh your appearance.

How is Treatment with JeuveauTM Performed?

For optimal results, patients should be off aspirin and NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for the week prior to injections in order to minimize bruising. Treatment takes approximately 15 minutes. No numbing is needed as most patients experience little to no discomfort. Using a fine needle, the JeuveauTM solution will be meticulously delivered to the corrugator and procerus muscles—the facial muscles located between the brows. The product will then work to decrease repetitive movements in these muscles, relaxing and softening frown lines for a naturally beautiful result. The rejuvenative effects can be noticed soon after treatment and usually improve as swelling fades. There is no downtime required after injections.

How Long Do Results From Jeuveau Last?

Jeuveau takes effect quickly and can provide beautiful results for as long as three to four months, with some patients reporting that the rejuvenation lasts even longer. Touch-up sessions can be pursued to maintain the youthful aesthetic achieved with Jeuveau, and the best outcomes are usually seen when individuals undergo three treatments per year.

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